Massage Services in Maribyrnong, Melbourne

Massage therapy can do wonders for so many different conditions, from headaches and pain to pregnancy tension and sports injuries, and a good therapist can have you feeling comfortable and pain free, following a thorough and relaxing session in our therapy clinic.

If you’d like to book a session or a series of them, get in touch for a massage in the Maribyrnong area.

How does it work?

You simply book an appointment and then our fully qualified and experienced massage therapist, Michelle, will work her magic in the comfortable and well-appointed surroundings of the Natural Harmony Traditional Chinese Medicine, Melbourne. Michelle will assess you and find out any problem areas that need treatment, and then warm up your muscles, before using massage techniques to either relieve your symptoms or simply to give you an incredibly relaxing experience.

The benefits of massage therapy

While you’ll definitely be more relaxed after a session, massage can have far more benefits than that. A good therapist can reduce your stress, help you with chronic pain or injuries, and get rid of those annoying tension headaches that can blight your day.

Massage can also give you more energy, improve circulation, reduce swelling, tone your skin, help you sleep better, and lower blood pressure.

Feel like some much needed massage therapy near Maribyrnong? Give us a call, book your appointment and let all your tension and stress float away in your session.

Services we offer:

Remedial massage

Pulled a muscle in your back or suffering from a nasty tension headache? Or perhaps you suffer from sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome. Whatever pain you have in your body, massage therapy can ease the tension from your muscles and have you feeling much better in no time.

To help you with your pain and release tension, our therapist might use trigger point therapy, myofascial tensioning, dry needling, or cupping. But you can be sure that whichever techniques are used, you’ll end your session feeling far more relaxed and with much less pain. And you’ll probably sleep better, too!

Pregnancy massage therapy

Pregnancy can bring all sorts of changes to your body, and not least among them, back pain can make an unwelcome appearance, along with tension, and the inability to sleep.

Massage therapy specifically tailored to your trimester can relieve any physical symptoms and also help you to feel relaxed, with far better sleep.

It’s the chance to be nurtured and supported and take important time for yourself before your baby is born, and you’ll come out of your session feeling relaxed and calm.

Relaxation/deep tissue massage

Whether you’re feeling stressed or you just feel like a treat, a deep tissue massage is just the thing to have you feeling like you’re walking on air.

A good relaxation massage can get rid of any pain and tension, and reduce muscle tightness. You’ll feel your whole body and your mind relax, and you’ll feel any stress melting away.

Why not call us to book your massage session in the Maribyrnong area and let all that tension go?

Massage therapy is a wonderful way to take care of any pain, stress and tension, and we’d be delighted to see you for massage therapy near Maribyrnong, so get in touch today!