Massage Services in Brunswick, Melbourne

Sitting for long hours is the nature of most of our daily engagements and our muscles tend to get stiff and painful. We often reach out for over-the-counter medicines or prescription drugs which can only suppress the problem temporarily. Massage, on the other hand, acts on the tissues and muscles that have not been receiving the attention they need. Miko Massage Therapy offers various types of massage therapy in the Brunswick area.

Trauma and depression

No one is immune to depression or trauma, since we are often hit by life situations that can throw our emotional health off balance. Miko Massage Therapy can not only help you heal existing anxiety symptoms but can also prepare you to handle stressful situations in the future. Massage therapy helps you to relax and organise the thoughts in your mind. This makes it easier for you to think more clearly and find better solutions.

Pampering massage

You work very hard every day and you deserve to spoil yourself with a massage near Brunswick. Why don’t you let us help you feel good and pampered once in a while? Massage therapy can be an excellent way to get away from the pressures of life momentarily. Such treats can be rejuvenating and equip your brain to perform better at work. You will notice that your sleeping patterns may also improve afterwards.

Ease pain and accelerate healing

Pregnancy and chronic or acute illnesses can leave you in constant pain and discomfort. As an expectant mother, your back, hips and feet will be strained by the new body posture and growth of your baby. Frequent massage in these areas can help improve blood flow and minimise pain without the use of medications. The prenatal period is also characterised by hormonal changes that may alter your mood. However, our qualified therapists in Melbourne can help improve your emotional well-being with quality massage. You deserve to feel nurtured and supported at every stage of your pregnancy journey.

A postnatal massage can also help with your recovery of mind, body and soul. This style of massage promotes muscle relaxation, balancing of your body’s hormones or heal and wounds which can help lead to faster recovery of your body. Postnatal massage assists with shoulder and back discomfort from breastfeeding or residual pelvic and hip pain. Let Mi.ko Massage Therapy help with your healing process now.

Better mobility

As you age, your muscles will need to be stretched more than they did in your teenage years. Sometimes, the nature of your daily activities may not give you an opportunity to stretch. This inactivity can make your joints stiff and affect your mobility. You may wake up some days and feel pain in your joints while walking. A professional massage from Miko Massage Therapy can reach your deep muscle and tendon tissues.

Are you a resident of Melbourne, in the Brunswick area? Miko Massage Therapy is here for all your massage needs. Contact us today and we can recommend an ideal massage for you.