GroundingHave you been feeling overwhelmed, over stressed or distracted? Sometimes experiencing moments of strong emotions, such as anxiety, anger, helplessness or sadness can lead to these. A build up of these emotions can cause us to feel distressed and distracted both in our personal and work environment.

One technique that can be helpful in situations like these is grounding exercises.

Grounding exercises help bring us to the present moment. The main aim is to bring us awareness, to encourage our mind and our body to reconnect and work together.

There are various ways of grounding techniques and you need to find what works best and is the most comfortable for you. What may work the first time, may not work again the secone time round. So be patient and experiment with some of the techniques.

Here are some of the grounding techniques:

  •  Focus on breath

Tuning into to your breath is one of the simplest ways we can bring our awareness back into the present moment. There are different ways of focusing on your breathing. To simplify things take a slow deep breath in through your nose for 5 counts and exhale through your mouth for 5 counts. Do this in three sets and perform this whenever you need.


  •  Use your senses

Reconnect mind and body through your senses – sight, smell, tastes, touch and hear.

Sight – Find an interesting object around you. Slowly trace the object with your eyes, take note of the size, its colour and textures.

Smell – put on your favourite perfume or smell some flowers in your garden, whatever it maybe smell your favourite scent

Taste – Make yourself a cup of tea, breath it in, take small sips, drink it slowly and enjoy the flavour with each mouthful.

Touch – Take off your shoes, walk bare feet through the grass or on the beach. Feel the sensation of the earth between your toes.

Hear – Stop and listen. Take notice and name what sounds you can hear close by, and gradually move your awareness outwards. Try focusing on what you can hear in the distance.


  •  Create you safe space

Imagine your safe space, your place of calm and comfort. Whether its real or imaginary picture yourself in this relaxing place.

What does it look like? What’s surrounding you?

What can you smell?

What sounds are around you?

What is the temperature?

Take note of how completely calm and peaceful it is. Notice how your mind and body change when you imagine your safe space. Come back to it any time you need to.


  • Movement

Get up and take a slow walk through your neighbourhood. Tune into how your body is moving. Take note of how your legs feel when they hit the ground, notice how your arms move alongside your body, how big your steps are. What else can feel?

Put on some music and dance! Move in a way that feels the most natural and comfortable.

Try a yoga class, go for run or jump in the pool.


Give yourself some time to get the feel of these grounding techniques. Some will feel more naturally than others so try and see what works for you. So experiment and see what you are most comfortable with.

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself!


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