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I am here to EMPOWER, SUPPORT and NURTURE every individual through their health journey through massage therapy! Let us work together to achieve positive health benefits!

~ Michelle Reponia, Owner & Founder

  • Pregnancy Massage

About Michelle

Michelle ReponiaHello I’m Michelle! I’m passionate about health with a focus on women’s health and wellbeing. I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist with a specialty in Perinatal Massage.

I have 8 years experience in healthcare. I currently work as a part time Registered nurse and a Remedial massage therapist in Abbotsford and Essendon. Read more…


Benefits of a massage therapist Melbourne:

  • Manage the mental, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and motherhood with a pregnancy massage Melbourne
  • Improve sleep patterns, promote relaxation and stress relief with relaxation therapy Melbourne
  • Improve the recovery of soft tissue injuries from sport and work with a deep tissue massage Melbourne
  • Improve the mobility and flexibility of joints all over the body
  • Reduce stress and muscle tension, leaving you feeling happier and more physically grounded
  • Reduce depression and anxiety through body trauma relief
  • Feel centred and rejuvenated with a pamper massage Melbourne


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Health Fund rebates/HICAPS available for Remedial and Pregnancy. EFTPOS available.

A Massage Therapist in Melbourne can be a Valuable Asset

Massage therapy is no longer just a luxury afforded to the elite. Recent studies have shown there are numerous benefits to having a massage therapist in Melbourne, even though it is still considered an alternative medicine. A growing body of research supports the various benefits of massage and people are learning that a great massage therapist in Melbourne is a valuable asset.

There are many different types of massage which are increasingly being used to treat a range of conditions. For instance, a massage therapist may perform remedial massage in Melbourne to relieve chronic pain, treat soft tissue dysfunctions and treat pain stemming from sporting or work injuries. Massage therapy involves hands-on drug-free techniques to relax and balance the body for optimal health, leaving you happier and healthier.

Many people in Melbourne see a massage therapist regularly to reap the benefits of deep tissue massage. A good massage can help regulate key hormones which reduce stress, relieve headaches, improve cardiovascular health and more, which have short and long term benefits. It often produces feelings of comfort, caring and connection. Key elements in massage therapy make it effective in improving many aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health in adults. Massage therapy can be effective in lowering blood pressure, fighting insomnia and even improving balance in older adults. Many women enjoy pregnancy massages in Melbourne to help relieve some of the stress and discomforts associated with their changing bodies. Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a pamper massage just because you want to and if you have a good massage therapist in Melbourne, it will be much easier. Give us a call here at Mi.ko Massage Therapy to schedule your massage today with a massage therapist Melbourne.